• Sawing parameters of diamond saw blades

    Sawing parameters of diamond saw blades. the diamond circular saw blades used are smaller in diameter and can reach a line speed of 35 m/s. The cutting speed of sawing granite is generally selected within the range of 9m-12m/min. When the linear speed of the diamond circular saw blade is large, a large depth of cut should be selected. However, when the performance of the saw and the allowable range of tool strength, the cutting concentration should be taken as much as possible to improve the cutting efficiency. Small depth cuts should be used when machining surfaces are required.

  • How to effectively maintain the diamond saw blade

    A good-purpose chainsaw device with its saw blade can't be too bad, so when we use various diamond saw blades, we must think about how to maintain it, which will make it not damage so fast, can be more Long-term use for us.

  • What is a diamond saw blade

    Diamond saw blade is a commonly used cutting tool. Because of its high strength, it is often used in the processing of hard and brittle materials such as stone and ceramics.

  • The difference between granite saw blades and marble saw blades

    The difference between granite saw blades and marble saw blades. Marble saw blade cutting requirements are much higher than granite saw blades. There is no phenomenon of chipping or falling corners.

  • Quality judgment of diamond saw blades

    Diamond saw blades are mainly used to cut hard and brittle materials such as concrete, refractory materials, stone, ceramics, etc.

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